Week 1 (September 17th - September 21st, 2019)

Click HERE to watch a cool video of "Breaching the Wall"!

Week 2 (September 22nd - September 28th, 2019)

Week 3 (September 29th - October 5th, 2019)

Week 4 (October 6th-October 12th, 2019)

Week 5 (October 13th-October 19th, 2019)

Week 6 (October 20th-October 26th, 2019)

Week 10 (November 17th-November 23rd, 2019)

Week 11 (November 24th-November 30th, 2019)

The NEW Garage is finished!  Click HERE to see a quick video of it from the beginning!

Week 12 (December 1st-December 7th, 2019)

See the progression of the main church building in 1 quick video! Click HERE now!

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

Nothing stopped us this Summer! Click HERE to see where we were and where we are now!


November 2020

January 2021

Check out our [DETAILED REPORTwith photos of the work accomplished as of JANUARY 2021!