We incorporate music and song within our team's primary purpose and commitment; to please God and invite all to a place of encountering the God of all creation. 

Music & song plays a major role in our individual lives and in the worship life of our church. As our team serves our congregation through our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, we continually strive to provide music that is biblically sound and that encourages people to focus both heart and mind on the presence of the living God. 


Worship Preparation

We have 2 Sunday Worship teams that serve on a rotating basis and a weekly Wednesday Worship team. Preparation times rotate with the teams. Additionally, members of any team may fill-in for someone who could be absent; and we have several who are willing to fill-in on special occasions. 

Sunday team preparation times are listed on the Valley Events Calendar. Wednesday team preparation is held at 5:10 PM Wednesday evenings. 

Do you enjoy singing and/or playing an instrument?

Do you enjoy working with visual or audio equipment? 


How much time commitment is there for volunteering?

  • We ask that all musicians and singers be available for preparation as a team during their scheduled time. These sessions typically last for an hour, but could be extended if we are working on a new song. All team members come prepared prior to service(s) approximately 1 hour before the service for a final run through and prayer. 

When do I get music/songs for a service?

  • Songs are handed out the week before AND are available through an online service. We expect one another to work through the songs prior to coming together as a team so that everyone is comfortable with the songs and any questions can be resolved right away when the team is together. 

If I'm on the Audio/Visual equipment, do I need to be at the preparation sessions?

  • A good question, YES! A team of musicians and singers are only as focused and capable of delivering the songs as the team members on the soundboard and visual PC. Each service has its differences and it's extremely important to have the entire team together to work through the sound and any specific items with the visuals.