Construction Mission Team

Each year our construction team helps a church complete a new building, an addition to an existing building, or a renovation of an older building.  Our team started in 1994 when Builders For Christ (BFC) provided the labor to add the classroom wing on Valley’s building.  After the last BFC team left, we found that Valley had people with the skills to finish the project, and we worked Friday nights and Saturdays from August to January on the completion.  Since then, we have done a project each year in a spirit of giving back what we had been given.  


The team has expanded to include workers from other churches; our largest efforts have engaged about 50 volunteers. Tasks we engage include installing suspended ceilings, doors, trim, cabinets, vinyl siding, and ceramic tile, as well as interior painting.  We have a kitchen team who have collected favorite menus and provide great lunch and dinner meals.  We arrange for lodging with discounted rates in local motels who provide breakfasts.  We usually arrive at the work site for a walk-through Sunday evening, and then work Monday through Friday.  Some volunteers are not able to work the whole week, and they come for a few days.  Sometimes we take on “spring practice” projects in which we work Friday and Saturday on smaller projects that allow new people to find out how the team operates.


Some of our “regulars” started with no construction experience and have learned many new skills over the years.  We always make sure we have skilled people for each task to be done.  They lead small task groups and teach the skills for new people.


Anyone interested in learning more about the team is encouraged to call or email one of the following:

Charles Dunning         920 858 6338              cedunning2@gmail.com

Jeff Warren                 920 716 3754               jwarrenkcc@gmail.com

John Wolf                    920 915 2526              john@cornerstoneria.com


2023 Building Mission Trip!

This year our Construction Mission Team travels to Hanover Baptist Church in Hanover, Indiana.  The Church has sold their existing facility and purchased a 15-acre site, which has two existing buildings.  They will be building a 330-seat worship center and renovating an adjacent 4,000-square-foot building for classrooms. Check out their progress:  https://www.hanoverbaptist.com/bff/


The Brazil mission trip this year will return to the Ticuna indigenous community of Porto Espiritual located on the Amazon River near where Peru, Colombia and Brazil converge.  This will be the third year working in the community.  We also plan to spend some time in another Ticuna community upriver during the trip.

The attachments contain details for involvement in the trip as well as an application.

As always it takes the whole body of Christ to engage in mission work successfully.  God will place on the heart of some to physically go and be a part of the trip.  If this is not the case there are still several ways you can participate in the trip.  First, you can begin now to pray that God will call out people to go.  Pray for these Ticuna communities that the hearts of the people will be open to the gospel and that the believers there will be strengthened.  You may also give to help others go.  It is not inexpensive to do mission work in remote places.  You may give to help a specific person who will make a commitment to go or you may designate money toward helping others go by contributing to the designated Brazil Fund here at Valley. We always take clothing and over-the-counter medications to give away in the course of our ministries to the people there.  You may make these contributions as well.  Please contact Pastor Larry at pastorlarry@valleyconnex.org for details.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in being a part of the 2018 Brazil team.

Amazonas Application


Orientation 2018


We are all about encouraging and strengthening healthy, thriving leaders to lead healthy, thriving ministries! The vitality of village pastors, missionaries, and their families is critically important for the development and sustainability of healthy church communities. Today we see lasting fruit being produced in the lives of people in remote Alaska!





That’s a word we’ve used recently at IMB to describe our vision for partnering with Southern Baptist churches and other Great Commission Christians. We want to vastly expand our missions efforts for the spread of the gospel to every people group on the planet, forging a dynamic network of pathways connecting churches and individuals directly to IMB missionary teams around the world.


The Mission Aviation Support Association (MASA) exists to support JAARS, MAF and other IAMA organization at the EAA AirVenture by providing:


  • On-grounds hospitality tent and meals
  • Housing in area homes
  • Transportation
  • Speaking opportunities



Evangelistic church planting is the core focus of your North American Mission Board. But that is not all NAMB invests in and assists churches to accomplish. NAMB serves in partnership to assist associations and provide churches with resources and tools to serve your members and the community your members serve. Our support ministries are designed to be relevant, practical, useful and effective.



Safe Families for Children is a family preservation movement motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together facing crisis. We bring church and community together mobilizing an army of volunteers to advocate for vulnerable children and socially isolated families. Our goal is to grow a national movement of one million change agents passionate about protecting children and preserving families for strong and resilient communities.